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Lagille estate

Winegrower since the 17th century, the history of the Lagille estate really began in 1918.
After the Great War, Cécile, our great-grandmother, farmer and viticulturalist replanted the plot of vines at a place called “les Ricordaines”


1974 Bernard grandson of Cécile, (our dad) accompanied by Marie his wife is joined the domain to the great joy of Cécile. Together, our parents take over the entire farm.

They develop the viticultural part of the estate by planting vines and marketing Champagne. At the same time, our parents continue to farm.


Maud joins the family estate.

Maud: “I have always spent my time in the vineyard from a young age.
I enjoy being in nature and I love working in the vineyard. For me it was obvious to be on the family estate, especially after my studies in viticulture. “



Claire also integrates the family estate

For Marie and Bernard, it was obvious that Claire would be involved in the domain following her school cursus: hotel business followed by two years of study in viticulture, winemaking and oenology. (Training enhanced by internships in other vineyards)

Claire: “A bit of an epicurean, a bit of wine passionate, 2 passions that go perfectly together. Producing a Champagne wine is the same thing than sharing moments of happiness. The job of winegrower is a passion filled with challenges that drive me every day “
Bernard and Marie decide to leave the cooperative after the 2004 harvest, since their succession on the estate seems to be ensured with the presence of the two girls.


More indépendance for domain Lagille : transition to the status of independent winegrowers.

Our press starts to move, first harvest. In a brand new cuverie Claire begins the vinification. We develop new cuvées as a family. (Vintage, Cuvée Sessile, Rosé de Saignée…)


Vincent the youngest son of the family also joined the estate.

For Bernard and Marie, like Maud and Claire, it was natural that Vincent, after his studies at Lycée Viticole, his internships and his professional experience of 6 months in Australia, should join the domain.

Vincent: “A a kid, as far as I can remember, my father took me with him, to the vineyards, to the fields, to the woods … A huge opportunity. I always wanted to continue the work done by my parents. My internships, my activity in Australia allowed me to have a broader vision of the future of the family domain. “



Creation of the brand “Mary-Sessile”, tribute to our great-grandmother: a beautiful sentimental and family imprint…


HEV certification

The environmental work undertaken by our father for years and continued by us, resulted in a great recognition as HEV certification. (High Environmental Value)


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